How a Running Camp in Kenya Can Make You a Better Runner In 14 Days Flat

You might be thinking, “That’s a bold claim!”, and 14 days isn’t that much. But if you stick around until the end of this article, you’ll have a crystal-clear image of how your running skills and capabilities could improve a lot in as little as 2 weeks.

If you follow the right advice and train with the right people, in the right environment, becoming a better runner in 2 weeks’ time is not only easy and achievable, it’s also fun!

But which is “the right advice” anyway? Glad you asked! We’ll get straight to the source in just a minute…

Mark Langerhorst
Founder – Running camps Kenya
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Even for serious runners, the amount of running tips and tricks on the web can be overwhelming. So if you want to get in top shape on your own you’ll need to read a lot, decide what’s applicable to you, try a lot of new stuff, and maybe deal with some injuries. “Running is easy”, they said.

Or, you could search around for a good running coach, wait until their schedule is cleared up, and hope they’ll be available and willing to train you some time.

The act of running itself might be easy, to a certain extent (or pace). But the ins-and-outs of running? Not quite.

But what if you could have direct, unlimited, and unrestricted access to elite runners and coaches, helping you run faster, prevent injuries, and giving you the golden running nuggets they acquired throughout the years…

…on a silver platter?

You could have all that in the “Home of Champions” – Kenya.

Given the high altitude they train at since childhood, Kenyans develop “herculean” lungs that give them an anaerobic advantage over most other runners. Add the fact they’re pretty much skinny, it’s no wonder Kenyan runners are so good over long distances.

They’re also super friendly, have a lot of patience, and are really determined to win. Which makes them great coaches!

That’s why Kenya is the best place you can go to become a better runner.

2,400 meters above sea level

Iten, Kenya is a runner’s heaven. The “headquarters” is the High Altitude Training Centre, and lies at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level. This is where runners from all over the world train, eat, and sleep – and it’s possible for YOU to join them for the running adventure of a lifetime!

It is the perfect place for altitude training, and it has all the training facilities you’ll need for a successful training camp.

By training at high altitude, your lungs will have to adapt to a more limited oxygen supply, and in turn, perform better while you’re on the run.

The village of Iten is located in the highlands of Kenya, on the edge of the rift valley.

Besides running, Iten is the place to be if you like pure and unspoiled nature. Fresh air, stunning views and incredible wildlife. Discover the area with local guides, go swimming, explore the local markets, and much more! 

Get reliable answers to your most burning questions

Unless you’re a pro athlete, you’ll probably have some questions about running at some point. And if you don’t have access to a running coach or a community of experts who know what they’re talking about, it can be hard to find the right advice.

Sure, you can spend your days on running sites asking questions left and right until (hopefully) someone replies. But is that answer worth anything?

Now picture this: you’re on a Q&A session with a Kenyan marathon record holder, who’s been running for the past 2 decades. Would their answers hold more weight than that of a random stranger on the internet? (Do I really need to answer this?)

That’s the type of access you can get while in a running camp surrounded by elite athletes.

How to plan your perfect running camp in Kenya

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Adequate running weather year-round

We can’t always have it our way as runners, as far as weather is concerned. If you’re in the US or Europe, winter’s too cold and summer’s too hot.

And while running in these weather conditions might be great for some, it comes with additional challenges: either you need to add an extra layer of clothes, or you need to be super-well hydrated.

In Kenya, you don’t have to worry about that. The weather sits constantly at around 20-25 degrees Celsius throughout the year, so you can always wear something lightweight on your run and also relax about your liquid intake.

Daily running sessions with the greatest runners you’ll ever find

If you put in the work, you’re going to get good fast, regardless of the thing you want to be good at. When you take part in daily running sessions, together with top-tier athletes and a supportive community of runners, you’ll push your limits and become a better runner in no time.

Learn more about the running experience of a lifetime

A 100% free email course that will teach you everything you need to know about planning the running experience of a lifetime

Immerse yourself in the authentic running culture, and have fun on the cheap

Kenya is a wonderful and really inexpensive place.

You’ll get to experience an awesome side of the world for a whole 2 weeks…on a shoestring budget!

Besides the price of your plane tickets and your Visa, an entire [2-week running camp]* here, with accommodation, daily training sessions, guided tours around the area, and 3 meals per day included will only run you (pun intended) about €1495. An incredible bang for your buck!

Add some pocket money and you’re good to go with only around €2,200.

Iten market

If you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with…

Then what if you would spend your time with and hang around elite runners for 14 days?
Becoming a better runner in just a short amount of time wouldn’t be much of a stretch anymore, would it?

If you’re serious about becoming faster, elevating your running skills, and staying injury-free, all while enjoying an amazing running adventure, it doesn’t get any better than a running camp in Kenya.

How to plan your ideal running camp in Kenya

A 100% free email course that will teach you everything you need to know about planning your ideal running camp in Kenya.