About Running camps Kenya

We have been organizing running camps in Iten Kenya ”The home of Champions” since 2012. From our offices in the Netherlands and Kenya we manage an experienced team of officially licensed  IAAF / World Athletics Kenyan trainers, coaches, guides and pacemakers. Our team ensures that everything is arranged perfectly and is there throughout the camp to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We combine our running camps with a special variety of excursions that offer an unique insider look into the daily lives  and training routines of Kenyan runners. Contact us if you have any questions.

It is our mission to give you the running experience of a lifetime!


During our running camps we want our guests to enjoy their experience to the fullest. Our team is here to make you smile!


We work with an enthusiastic and experienced team, including active and former Kenyan athletes.

Richard ''Mukche''
Richard ''Mukche''
Camp Manager

Richard has been active as an athlete for many years and has run many competitions in the USA and Europe. In addition, Richard has been a regular training partner for Lornah Kiplagat for many years. Richard has more than 20 years of experience and it is his passion to share his knowledge and insights with others.

Reuben ''Bekele''
Reuben ''Bekele''
Head guide / pacer

Where would we be without Reuben? He knows all the routes / paths / trails / roads in and around Iten. He is our daily guide and makes sure you don’t get lost while running enjoying the beautiful nature in and around Iten. Reuben has years of experience as a runner and is able to assist runners from all levels. Reuben is also known by his nickname ”Bekele”.


Mark plans the training camps and takes care of the reservations / bookings. He has been coming to Kenya for over 20 years and can, therefore, provide you with all the advice you need. Questions about Kenya, Iten, traveling, training, excursions, safari’s, let us know and Mark will get in touch with you shortly.

What our guests have to say about us

Wonderful experience, I really enjoyed the camp and the running scene in Iten.
Tom – United Kingdom

A great experience, a must for every runner who wants to improve. Friendly people, relaxed atmosphere. I absolutely loved it!
Karin – Netherlands

I made many new running friends from all over the world during the camp. Kenya, what a beautiful country, the safari was also fantastic. A running camp which I can recommend to everyone. Friendly staff, good accommodation and beautiful running trails. The food is simple at times, but healthy and nutritious.
Esther  – Netherlands

I booked this running camp to gain more running experience and prepare myself for a half marathon. Everything in Iten is about running, I received good advice from the trainers and shared a lot of experiences with other runners. A mix of people from all over the world with a passion for running. A must for every athlete.
Bjorn – Norway

This was the first time I traveled to Africa. The team helped me prepare my trip and answered all my questions. The camp made a huge (positive) impression on me. Also, it was amazing to be running in a totally different surrounding, I can recommend this to any runner!
Elina – Poland

Joining a Kenyan running camp was on my bucket list for quite a while. The camp is well arranged, no stress, healthy food, all fresh ingredients from their organic farm. I met many locals, visited schools and made a safari. The Kenyans are happy with the little things in life. The rooms in the training center are simple, but good enough (and clean). Thanks a lot!
Jonathan – United States

I have been there with my wife and children, the children and we too have enjoyed this beautiful country and the sports camp, being able to swim, workout in the gym, go on safari, see wild animals. It was a trip that will last a lifetime.
Richard and family – Australia

 The trip is well organized, the camp is a good meeting place for runners and athletes. You meet different cultures and everyone is there for the same purpose.
Anonymous – United Kingdom

Nice running camp, back to basic. I will be back for sure.
Peter – Germany

 We asked many questions about the running camp in advance. The team helped us greatly. All expectations came true. Highly recommended!
Martin and Laura – Canada

Bookings and Questions

Please contact us for bookings and any questions you may have. We are here to help!