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”Train with the Champions”

Running Camp Kenya was established in 2011. After coming to Kenya for over 15 years, Mark decided to give enthusiastic runners from all over the world the opportunity to train in Kenya, with the best runners in the world. Helping our guests to develop their skills, build their strength and teach them the techniques of Kenyan running. This was what inspired the startup of Running camps Kenya.

Running camps Kenya has been the official partner of High Altitude Training center Iten, a training center founded by the multiple world champion and World record holder Lornah Kiplagat, since 2011.

Since then we have been organizing effective running camps in Iten, Kenya working with local staff who have years of experience, are runners or former runners themselves and have a very good connection with the local Kenyan running community. Our running camps are effective in preparing recreational or non-elite runners for the hurdles ahead of them and helping or training runners how to maximize their running career and to enhance their level of productivity. The running camps are open for all levels of runners but it is mainly designed for non-elite runners.

During our camps, we host guest from all over the world, individuals that are enthusiastic in seeking for a running experience coupled with an adventure of a lifetime.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Running camps Kenya. We look forward to seeing you at one of our running camps!

RichardHead Coach
The Head Coach during our running camps is Richard. Richard has been active as an athlete for many years and has run many competitions in America and Europe. In addition, Richard has been a regular training partner for Lornah Kiplagat for many years. Richard has more than 20 years of experience and it is his passion to share that with others.
After coming to Kenya for more than 15 years, Mark has opened the doors since 2011 for enthusiastic runners who want to discover Kenya. Mark plans the training camps and takes care of the reservations/bookings. Since he has been in Kenya for years and knows all ins and outs, he can provide you with all the necessary advice.
TimothyHead Trainer
Timothy is an active 800 meter runner and works as the head trainer for Running camps Kenya. Despite the fact that Timo specializes in the 800 meters he has 29.29 as PR for the 10,000 meters.. Timo is strong in running technique, strength and conditioning training. In addition, Timo knows his way in Iten perfectly and can is the perfect guide on the many paths and roads around Iten.
ReubenGuide / Pace runner
Where would we be without Ruben? He knows all the routes/paths/trails/roads in and around Iten. He is our daily guide and makes sure you don’t get lost while running enjoying the beautiful nature in and around Iten. Ruben has years of experience as a runner and is able to assist runners from all levels.

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