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Running is extremely good for health, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most people avoid running because they think that running will cause them some embarrassment. I’m afraid that’s not right. Running is done for yourself and your health, no matter how you look while running it shouldn’t impact your routine. Strapping the shoes and going for a run is not as easy as it sounds, and this is the reason why we are bringing this article for you. 

Running with the kenyans and beating them is always tough. However, here are ten easy and reliable steps that will help you to become a better runner.

Be Kind on Yourself

If you have never run in your life or if it has been a long time since you have done it, then be kind to yourself. Running is not easy, and you cannot force your body to do it correctly and for a long time right from the start. You have to start slow and make it a habit. If you are consistent in your efforts, you will become a good runner within no time. Make a schedule and stick to it; go for a run daily according to that schedule. There are times when you won’t be ready or able to perform as correctly as you expected, relax on such days. Give yourself a break if needed. Do not push your body hard to its limits; just give it some time until it gets adapted to your new running schedule.

Proper Form is Important

When it comes to exercises, proper form is everything. If you are not maintaining the right posture while you are running, you are already sending wrong signals for your body. A small mistake while running can cause you severe pain at times. So, maintain the right kind of posture all the time. You can see videos available on the internet to learn how to manage the proper position all the time.

Warm Your Body First

There is no need for you to start running at full speed. You have to take things slow, start with regular walking, make it brisk, jog, and then run. Slowly build up the pace so your body can adjust to the things. If you put a lot of pressure on your body right from the start, it may feel tense, and this might cause you some issues too. So, let the bodywork at its own pace; you give it a little push when needed.

Get Some Companies

Get in touch with runners in your area. Every area will have a group of runners’ communities with whom you can communicate. Getting some company will help you, motivate you, and keep you intimated about the things. Taking long runs with friends is indeed a great stressbuster.

Listen to Body Cues

Your body won’t work all the time similarly. It may perform a bit off at times, and you need to listen to the cues of your body. There are times when your body feels sore or pain, do not push your body on those days. Running should be a time pass activity but not something that causes you pain and hurts you. If you are burning continuously, then it is better to cut back the mileage. Listen and work to the cues that your body sends. However, if you are feeling lazy and want to stay in for a day and avoid running, that is not something that you have to listen to. Push your body on such lazy days.

Master your Breath

This skill is an essential thing in running training. The way you breathe is going to influence a lot of things. If you are depriving your body of the oxygen, then you are doing nothing good for it. You have to keep your breathing pattern in check. No matter at what speed you are running, you should be able to talk. If you aren’t, then there is something wrong with your breathing, and it is time for you to handle that. Inhale and let your stomach expand, then exhale like you are pushing out the entire air present in your body. Shallow breathing is a big hurdle for proper running.

Right Shoe Matter

Most people do not understand the importance of wearing the right shoe for running. They pick out the shoe that looks fancy or has a branded tag on it and go with it. This is not at all a good pattern. You have to pick the shoes that offer you the right kind of support while you are running. Ask the shop staff to help you with choosing the right type of shoes. Just run before them, and they will tell you how good the shoes are.

Eat Right

While you are trying to push your body to do something it never did, you need to give it the fuel to do. You have to keep out all kinds of junk food out of your body and feed it with healthy things alone. Fruits, vegetables, protein shakes, etc. should be your go-to option. Do not eat unhealthy stuff.

Go For Strength Training

Train your body effectively so that it can offer you the best running experience. Do the strength training exercises for better results. You can incorporate those exercises into your daily workout routine. They will help in strengthening different muscles in your body.

Be Flexible

While you are running, your body shouldn’t feel any pain or soreness. So, be flexible and keep on doing different kinds of warm up exercises. Take the support of a wall and stretch your calf to the fullest. Do not let your body fall prey to soreness or pain. The way you warm up will matter a lot. 

Key Takeaways

Anybody can be a runner if you try. Put in the commitment and dedication to it, and you will be a great runner within no time. Meanwhile, follow these above tips.


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