Train In Kenya

Kenya is a country well known for the strength, agility, and professionalism of its athletes. Kenyans have been dominating the long distance running since the mid-1960s; have had World Champion in distance between 8oom and marathon.  The majority of Kenyan champions live and/or train in Iten, Kenya. Iten brings athletes together, the athletes live by the same rules which have been productive over the years; run eat and sleep. Running Camps Kenya since 2012 has been opening opportunity doors of training in Kenya with the best to people all over the world. These camps are open to runners of all levels

Why Train In Kenya?

Iten did not earn its name by accommodating the champions alone, the overal conditions in Kenya are absolutely wonderful for running. The high altitude of Iten makes it ideal for high altitude training. The climate is great for training all year round and this makes it very attractive for runners from abroad to train in Kenya. The running community in Iten is very big compared to the total population of the village and because of many champions that stay here, Iten is nicknamed ‘home of champions. Our running camp is suitable for all levels of runners. The comfort of our guest is a great concern of ours during the camp so we gave a free rein to make use of the center’s facilities anytime our guest feels the need to. Our facilities include a fully equipped gym, the 25-meter swimming pool, the sauna, and a private 400-meter-wide all-weather athletic track.


Standing side by side with the best at the game, learning from the best available, experiencing the training of a world champion; all these and much more are expected to happen if you train in Kenya. The perk of training is not even all these but the outcome of the training. You learn strength and stamina, you learn to balance and conditioning, you learn to relax even before a big race and you learn when to push harder and when to rest, how to manage and/or avoid injuries, how to draft your own training plan and the best nutrition list for an athlete. Training in Kenya is important because you get trained in the Kenyan way.  We have daily local guides and pacers during the runs that lead our guest through the best trails and push them harder than they’ve ever had to go and make the team stop and relax when it is needed. During running training, our guests have track sessions, and lessons hill training, fartlek training and much more. No other running camp offers a unique blend of the traditional running camp with excursions. Our guests don’t just come to train hard and go back home, registering for our running camps, you get much more than training. You can even book a safari on the camp rest day. This Safari will be heading out for Lake Nakuru, which is a beautiful national park.

Do you have any question? Do you want to know more about us and what we do? We are always available and willing to answer your questions and further explanation about us. Contact us today and start the journey to achieving your dreams.