Running in Kenya

Can you imagine that you are training and running in Kenya? That does sounds exciting right? 

Running in Kenya is an experience that will stay for you for a lifetime. 

The hospitality, friendly people, endless dirt roads, beautiful nature, the weather, healthy food, Kenya has it all. 

Training and meeting with elite athletes on the dirt roads of Iten Kenya while enjoying the stunning beauty of the rift valley.

It’s truly motivating to see the world class athletes and world champions of long distance running in action yourself. 

Kenyan legends like Wilson Kipsang, Lornah Kiplagat, Mary Keitany and many more have always used the advantage of training and staying at high altitudes.

What does it mean to be running in Kenya?

Running in Kenya during our camps, means that you will be following the Kenyan style training and coaching guidelines, just like the Kenyan athletes, tailored to your own abilities. 

Our camps provide an inspirational location, expert coaching and a beautiful environment for runners of all levels. You’ll get an insider look in the lives of professional Kenyan runners and discover everything about the secrets of the fastest people on earth. 

Next to this, you’ll get the chance to experience the beautiful Kenyan nature, endless hospitality and a wide range of activities which make our running camps truly unforgettable. 

Besides your daily training with personal Kenyan pacemakers, you’ll be able to join the Kenyan (professional) athletes during their progression runs. It’s also possible to join on one of the famous Thursday Fartlek sessions, a very special experience that sometimes involves hundreds of athletes! 

You can join these sessions whether you’re a fast runner or just a beginner, you’ll always be accompanied by one of our trainers and pacemakers. If you just want to watch the Kenyan elite runners during their training sessions, that’s perfectly possible as well!

runners in iten
Running in Iten

Running in Iten, Kenya

If you really want to know how it is to be running in Kenya, you’ll have to come to the Home of Champions: Iten, Kenya. Our running camps will bring you to the training center of Lornah Kiplagat, the former 4-time World Champion, 3-time Olympian and multipe World Record breaker.

She also received the Athlete of the Year award for her performances in 2006, especially for her world title on the road in Hungary and her victory at the Dam tot Damloop in a new world record time. Iten, a small town in the west of Kenya is located along the edge of the large rift valley. This town lies at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level. Over the years, this small village has become a true Mecca for runners.

Over 90% of all Kenyan (top) athletes come from this area or have come here to train. Early in the morning you can see hundreds of athletes in the village preparing for their morning training. The weather in Iten ispretty good all year round. January and February are normally the months with the least rainy days, but the rest of the year the weather is also ideal for training. Iten is characterized by the beautiful landscape with hundreds of kilometers of unpaved roads, paths, trails where you can run.

What can you expect from a Kenyan running camp?

An experience that you’ll never forget in a true paradise for runners. Next to this you can use all the facilities in the training center to grow your running skills.

Besides the professional facilities you will have daily guided / paced training runs and sessions in running technique, strength/stability and injury prevention. Our trainers are also (active and former) Kenyan athletes that have years of experience in coaching runners at all levels.

Our running camps are a combination of excursions and daily training. The running camps are aimed at recreational runners who want to experience what it is like to live and train with Kenyan athletes and also for runners that want to focus more on performance / training / rest (more intensive guidance from coaches / trainers).

The facilities that you can use include:

– 400 meter long private running track
– 25 meter swimming pool
– Fitness center
– Sauna’s
– Personal trainers and coaches that are available for you
– Healthy meals served daily


Dozens of happy runners, and counting!

Inspire, motivate and making you smile ⏤ that's our goal.

Very special to be able to train with Kenyan athletes. I will never forget the hospitality and friendliness. I learned so much from this trip. I can truly say; the journey of my life, a must for every runner.
American flag
David (46)
Really enjoyed the many training sessions and excursions, the people are incredibly friendly and I felt at home from the first moment. Thanks for everything!
United Kingdom flag
Susan (23)
United Kingdom
Had a great time with Running camps Kenya. Definitely coming back here. I am very grateful for this experience! I can recommend everyone joining this running camp! 
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Matts (33)


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