Discover the roots of long distance running.

Become a better runner and have the running experience of a lifetime!


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Learn from the best

Train together with Kenyan runners on a daily basis. Watch the elite runners during their training routines.

Meet new people

Join like-minded people in our running camps that share a passion for running, and experience new cultures.

Discover Kenya

Get adventurous and discover the pure and unspoiled nature. Stunning views and fascinating wildlife.

Home Of Champions

Kenyan runners have been successful for decades. They dominate the rankings at almost all distances. Many wonder what makes the Kenyan runners so incredibly successful. Is it their genetics? Is it the altitude training? Is it their training program, or maybe their diet? 

One thing most successful Kenyan runners have in common, is that they live and train in a small village called Iten. There is something magical about it.

Located in the highlands of Kenya. On the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, misty in the morning. It sometimes feels like the edge of the world. It truly is a runners paradise. Something you’ll notice early in the morning. At sunrise, when hundreds of runners will gather for their morning runs. 

There is no other place on earth that has produced more long distance running champions. You’ll be reminded of this when arriving in Iten. A big red arch across the main road with the words, ”Welcome to Iten – Home of Champions”. 

Running in Iten

Get unique insider access

What if we told you that it’s is possible to run in this runners paradise yourself. We have been introducing runners from all over the world to the Kenyan running scene since 2012. 

We want to share the Kenyan passion for running with as many runners as possible. That’s we started organizing running camps in Iten. Our running camps are focused on quality training, having fun and discovering the fascinating Kenyan culture.

It is our mission to offer our guests the running experience of a lifetime. By giving a unique insider access into the daily lives and training routines of Kenyan runners. A supportive group environment with like-minded runners. Learn from Kenyan runners. Interact with the local running community. Get inspired and enjoy the beauty that Kenya has to offer.

Our guests

The trip is well organized, the camp is a good meeting place for runners and athletes. You meet different cultures. I really enjoyed my time with Running camps Kenya, thanks!



We loved the morning runs with the group. Iten is such a beautiful place. The views are amazing. We are grateful that we were able to experience this.

American flag
Thom & Elsie

33 & 30

Great running camp and team! Nice accommodation with swimming pool. I loved the easy and simple Kenyan way of doing things. Will be back for sure.

German flag


I have joined the camp with my wife and kids. We really enjoyed this beautiful country, the sports camp, being able to run, swim, workout in the gym, go on safari, see wild animals. It was a trip that will last a lifetime!

Sergio, Laura & kids

40 & 39

This is what you get when you join our camp

Running camps in Iten

Whether you join our camp to; get better as a runner. Prepare for your upcoming race. Get the best training in order to break your PR. To enjoy an active and adventurous holiday, or all of the previous reasons. We will ensure that you have an unforgettable time and go back with a lot of new insights, knowledge and experiences.


Personal Training

All training sessions are tailored to your personal abilities. You will get a Kenyan pacemaker assigned to you for the duration of the camp. 


Our camps are held at the High Altitude Training Centre. The best training accommodation in Kenya. With all the facilities you’ll need.


Beside quality training, there is plenty of time for a wide range of non-running activities and several excursions during our camps.

Relax and Enjoy

Our team will take care of every detail, from collecting you from the airport to returning you after an amazing running experience.

Fully Guided

All training sessions and non-running activities are fully guided. We have professional guides who will assist you every day of the camp.

Pre-Camp Support

We will take away all the hassle of organizing your trip. We are available to assist you with every part of planning your trip to Kenya.

Temporary Bonus Offer


 Temporary offer, lasting until the 30th of June 2020.

Book your running camp this month (June), and you’ll get a BOAT SAFARI 

added to your Running Camp for FREE (worth €150 per person)

A €100 deposit is all that is required to reserve your place in the camp, and to not miss this special offer.

Boat Safari on the camps rest day. We’ll leave for Lake Baringo early in the morning on the camps rest day. We will visit some islands on the lake and see several animals including crocodiles, hippo’s, giraffes and many bird species. We’ll also get to visit the natural hot springs on one of the islands. We end the day with a visit to the snake farm, for those who dare.. Lunch is included.

Running with the Kenyan runners was great! I learned a lot about their motivations and we shared many stories. The positive and easy going Kenyan mindset is really something that I will take home with me.

french flag


We asked many questions about the training camp in advance. Mark really helped us. The accommodation is good. The rooms are simple but nice. Highly recommended!

Martin & Anna

35 & 30

I loved the guided runs. Reuben is a great guy who knows his way around Iten. Visiting the giraffes was awesome. Thanks for everything!

American flag


A great experience for every runner who wants to improve. Friendly people, smiles everywhere. I absolutely loved it!



Join the running experience of a lifetime

Included in the Running Camp

Daily guided runs and training sessions, together with our pacemakers, tailored to your own abilities. Excursions to immerse you into the Kenyan running scene and culture. Accommodation, food, everything is taken care of.



Change camp dates, the duration of the camp, up to 30 days before departure, free of charge.
Check our -> NEW booking policy for more details.

I joined the camp to prepare for my marathon. I learned a lot from the coaches by talking them about their own race experiences. The whole camp was very helpful for me. I actually ran 4 minutes under my goal of 3.30 !

french flag


From start to finish, everyone in the group was just wonderful, and the coaches (Richard / Reuben) were awesome. The excursions were nice too! I've made so many memories with the group. I can't thank you guys enough!

United Kingdom flag


INCREDIBLE weeks! Such an amazing introduction to Kenya. We will be recommending to other runners. Super glad we did it.

Marcus & Victoria

32 & 29

Best decision I have ever made.. The Kenyan culture, the friendliness of the people. It was so nice to see how the Kenyan people are so happy with the little things in life. The rooms in the camp are simple, but totally fine. I miss running on the dirt roads with the Kenyan runners already..



Running Camp Dates

We have monthly running camps with fixed dates. Next to this, you can always contact us for a private running camp for you and your friends, running team or club. We also offer educational school running camps. 

14-Day Camps

7 – 20 Sep 2020
5 – 18 Oct 2020
2 – 15 Nov 2020
7 – 20 Dec 2020
6 – 19 Jan 2021
3 – 16 Feb 2021
2 – 15 Mar 2021
6 – 19 Apr 2021
3 – 16 May 2021
7 – 20 Jun 2021
5 – 18 Jul 2021
2 – 15 Aug 2021
6 – 19 Sep 2021

21-Day Camps

7 – 27 Sep 2020
5 – 25 Oct 2020
2 – 22 Nov 2020
7 – 27 Dec 2020
6 – 26 Jan 2021
3 – 23 Feb 2021
2 – 22 Mar 2021
6 – 26 Apr 2021
3 – 23 May 2021
7 – 27 Jun 2021
5 – 25 Jul 2021
2 – 22 Aug 2021
6 – 26 Sep 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have many guests that travel alone. Please get in contact with us about any concerns you might have, we’re happy to help you out.

Iten is safe and the locals are very welcoming to foreign visitors.

Our camps are held at the High Altitude Training Centre in Iten.

The accommodation is situated directly next to the local police head quarters and the camp also has a 24 hour security guard as a precaution.

We have been organizing running camps since 2012 and have never experienced any issues regarding safety.

All our runs and excursions are also guided by our local Kenyan pacemakers and guides.

You can also go out on your own without any problems.

No, our running camps are an exciting combination of training, excursions, adventure and having fun.

Besides our daily training sessions, we will take you on several local excursions to explore the beautiful Kenyan nature and the Kenyan running scene.

However, our running camps are always tailored to your personal goals and wishes.

If you don’t want to go on excursions and want to fully focus on becoming a better runner, training and rest, that’s perfectly possible. Talk to us to discuss the possibilities.


A typical day of training starts with an early morning run, breakfast, a little rest, an afternoon activity / local excursion, optional gym session (core/strength/stability classes) and if you feel like going on a 2nd (guided) run in the afternoon, that’s always possible.

Other training during the camp consists of track sessions on our private track, long runs, speed work, progression runs, fartlek and more.

You can book the international flight with your preferred airline to Nairobi, Kenya.

From Nairobi you’ll have to fly to Eldoret in Kenya. You can book your flight from Nairobi to Eldoret with JamboJet Airlines. They offer 3 flights a day. 

Our team will pick you up from Eldoret Airport when you arrive.

The airport transfer to the accommodation in Iten is included in the package. As soon as you have your flight details, please share them with us so we can arrange your airport transfer.

The camps are perfect for (active) family holidays. Many of our guests bring their family / partners (who don’t run) with them. There is enough to do besides running. The accommodation has a 25m pool, a sauna, a gym and we have plenty of non-running activities on the program, including several local excursions.
There is a very relaxed atmosphere and Iten is an excellent place to recharge yourself. There is also plenty of free time where you can go out and explore Iten with one of our guides (included in our packages).
We offer a discounted rate (-10%) for non-runners. 

Sure. You can also train based on your own schedule with one of our pacemakers. 

You are always free to join in on any of our training sessions / guided runs as well.

Whatever option you like, we’ll make sure you get the best out of each training session.

There are no compulsory vaccinations to enter Kenya. Unless you are travelling from an area where there is a high risk of yellow fever infection. you can find more information about this on the website of the Kenyan embassy.

In general, malaria rarely occurs in Iten, due to the altitude. So it’s usually not necessary to use any anti-malaria medication.

14-Day Camp

Classic running camp
1495 including:
  • Accommodation based on full board (3 meals a day)
  • Daily personal training & guided runs
  • Local excursions & non-running activities
  • Everything mentioned on this page
most popular

21-Day Camp

Extended running camp
1995 including:
  • Accommodation based on full board (3 meals a day)
  • Daily personal training & guided runs
  • Local excursions & non-running activities
  • Everything mentioned on this page

Custom Camp

For private groups, clubs, teams, schools.
  • Choose your own duration of the camp
  • Choose your own itinerary
  • Price on request

Do you have any questions about booking with us?