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It’s a dream for many runners to train in Kenya. The country is well known for it’s athletes that dominate the long distance running since the mid 1960s.

The Kenyan runners have had World Champions in distances between 800m and marathon. The majority of the Kenyan runners train in Kenya, in a small town called Iten. They train and live together by the same rules; run, eat and sleep. 

Since 2012 Running camps Kenya opened the doors for other runners from outside Kenya to join a Kenyan running camp and train in Kenya. Our camps are open to runners of all levels.

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Why train in Kenya?

Our running camps are held at the famous High altitude training center. The training center is located in a small village in the Great Rift Valley, in the Western part of Kenya called Iten. Iten lies at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea-level, which makes it ideal for high altitude training. The climate in Iten is also great for training all year round and this makes it very attractive for runners from abroad to train in Kenya. 

There is no real winter in Iten and the weather is sunny all year round. The running community in Iten is big compared to the total population of the village and because of the many champions that stay here, it’s often called ‘’home of Champions’’. Iten is also praised by runners for the many dirt roads and trails that you’ll find to run on.

Our running camps provide our guests full and unlimited access to the training centers facilities. Among the facilities in the training center are a fully equipped gym, the 25 meter swimming pool, the sauna’s and an private 400 meter all weather athletics track (the only one in the area). There is also massage available on request (this is an additional option)

What to expect when you train in Kenya?

An unique experience that you’ll never forget and a true paradise for runners. By joining one of our camps you’ll get to train with local Kenyan runners yourself! We have professional coaches and trainers that will be available during the running camps. The trainers give training in running technique, strength and conditioning, core stability training and much more. Our trainers and coaches are (former) athletes themselves and have years of experience training with runners of all levels. You’ll get to experience the Kenyan style training and we have daily local guides and pacers during the runs. Running training includes track sessions, hill training, fartlek training and much more.

Our running camps include all the elements for the running experience of your life. From training and meetings with local athletes, inspirational conversations and beautiful locations. All of this in a supportive group environment with experts on training, coaching and nutrition. 

Our camps offer an unique and exciting mix of a traditional running camp combined with several excursions. Besides that, there is plenty of time to explore the fascinating Kenyan nature and culture. In addition, you can book a safari on the camps rest day. For this safari we will be heading out for Lake Nakuru, which is a beautiful National park. Animals that can be seen there are lions, zebra’s, rhino’s, leopards, a huge population of pink flamingos and many other animals.

Our guests

Dozens of happy runners, and counting!

Inspire, motivate and making you smile ⏤ that's our goal.

Very special to be able to train with Kenyan athletes. I will never forget the hospitality and friendliness. I learned so much from this trip. I can truly say; the journey of my life, a must for every runner.
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David (46)
Really enjoyed the many training sessions and excursions, the people are incredibly friendly and I felt at home from the first moment. Thanks for everything!
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Susan (23)
United Kingdom
Had a great time with Running camps Kenya. Definitely coming back here. I am very grateful for this experience! I can recommend everyone joining this running camp! 
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Matts (33)


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