Running has grown from being an ideal exercise routine to a significant Olympic sport to grade. Many countries participate in the massive amount of international tournaments held around the year and submit their participant’s applications for the sports games announced. Running has been announced as a significant sport for decades. 

Listing the most excellent runners ever will always include familiar names like Molly Huddle, Meseret Defar, and Galen Rupp. The list that notes down countries that produce the best runners of a decade cannot afford to lose out on Kenya as a major contender.

Eliud Kipchoge is a Kenyan marathon runner that has set eyebrows to touch foreheads across the world with the records that he is setting in the field. Kenya is known for its contribution to the area of sports. As a country, it has given some of the world’s finest sprinters and runners.

Is it geographical, biological, or individual talent?

Ranging from marathons to 100-meter races, Kenya is the country that always excels. Is it genetic, you may ask? Why are Kenyan runners so fast? What makes them undefeatable? Some points do favor Kenyan racers – they are either geographical or biological. 

These features lend an additional advantage to the runners, but the spirit of the sport entirely relies on the individual’s capacity and training obtained. It is the passion that will linger till the very last sprint, and finally, the determination that will burst in flames when the finishing line is crossed. 

Key Takeaways

All the points mentioned above do answer the question of why Kenyan runners are so good. It’s the spirit that matters in a sport like running that demands everything an individual has to offer. Kenyans hold 3 out of the four world records in long-distance running competitions. One can say it is due to the genetic advantages or geographical conditions, but when it narrows down to that one last sprint, it’s the willpower and resolution that helps get past the finishing line.

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